MobiLock Pro (Now Scalefusion)

Mobile Device Management Simplified



MobiLock Pro is an Mobile Device Management solution to manage your company-owned devices. MobiLock Pro will turn your Android devices into Kiosk mode, which simply means that the device home screen is replaced with a customizable screen that limits user access to select applications enabled by you. It allows administrators to block use of the Android OS settings so that your employees don’t fiddle with the device settings, install non-essential apps likes games or access data consuming websites.

The Story

Since 2011, our team have worked on different products with different customers some of them involved the kiosk lockdown technology. What it means is that through software, you lock down a mobile device (phone/tablet) and let the administrator of the devices allow only certain applications that makes sense to the business, to be used on that device. A simple example of kiosk is an ATM, though it is a decent computer connected to the Internet, it allows us to do only as many things like withdraw cash, check account balance, change pin etc, just, for the purpose it is supposed to be used.

With the growing use of mobile devices in businesses, new avenues to make a tablet or a phone a kiosk becomes more and more relevant and that is the space that we built our expertise on. Having worked on half a dozen of such projects, we saw a pattern emerge, where the kiosk base software like managing and controlling the device remained the same for all these apps and on top of it came the business requirements specific to each customer.

We, as a small startup, we’re probably talking to a very small-set of businesses who had such a requirement, but in reality this could well apply to all businesses that were buying up their own company devices to manage their business real-time and thus we imagined that the requirement for this kind of technology could possibly be huge! That was probably our Aha! moment. We thought that it would make sense to build this base kiosk solution and charge businesses on a SaaS model.