The dreaded Kiosk is at the center of many user’s nightmares. These essential systems are largely based on expensive, cumbersome and immobile hardware, running outdated software that was never designed for touch interaction.

With the dawn of the Android tablet revolution, the Kiosk market is set for a sea change. The devices of yore are set to undergo a complete overhaul, as their sleek, modern android competitors have them beat on almost all counts.

We list out five major reasons you should consider using an Android tablet for your next Kiosk project.

  • Cost
  • Ease of Development & Support
  • Mobility
  • Reliability and Security
  • Don’t get left behind


Perhaps the single largest factor driving the massive projections for android kiosks, is cost. Currently, Android tablets are available from hundreds of vendors around the world, with many manufacturers willing to customize android hardware to your specification. With devices to suit all budgets, it is very likely that you will find a tablet that is capable of replacing your current aging Kiosk for less than the amount you are paying for its current annual maintenance.

Ease of Development & Support

With many thousands of android developers around the world, you are not tied into a small set of solution providers that lock you into their hardware and unreliable support. Your choices range from apps that are free and already available, to tailor made solutions from the best developers money can buy. The best thing is, you’re not stuck to a one time solution – Android’s ease of use, flexibility, and focus on minimizing developer time make it the fastest and most cost effective way to turn an idea into reality. You can re-design and iterate, or narrow down and focus on the little details more effectively than ever before. All of this only ensures that your android application is developed faster, and at a lower cost, and gives you access to a vast array of extremely well qualified support and service providers.


The future is mobile. The days of the static kiosk are numbered. With the advent of tablets, you can take your kiosks to your customers, instead of making your customer come to the kiosk. You can serve multiple customers at the same time, with multiple kiosks, making further use of a tablets low price point. A mobile android kiosk is as close as the world has ever come to a mass-market robot virtual assistant.

Reliability and Security

With a system that is, for the most part, not going to be under your constant supervision, the lack of a reliable and secure solution can hurt your bottom line with unexpected and undetected downtime, vulnerabilities and failures. Android is one of the worlds most reliable, secure and stable operating systems. It also allows the developer to configure various security options, including restricting access to various files, hardware ports, buttons etc There is a peace of mind that comes with knowing that your Kiosks are giving your customers the information and assistance they need, so that you can better focus on serving them and delivering the products and services that you love.

Don’t get left behind

The modern consumer is a digital connoisseur. They are up to date with the latest design, styling cues, and trends. The last thing you want them to see is a Kiosk that boots into an outdated operating system that lacks many of the features they have come to take for granted in a modern computing device. These features include – highly responsive touchscreens, reliable systems of input and interaction, vibrant displays, good design practices, fast loading times, access to various cloud based services, captivating typography, familiar interfaces, and a system that “just works”. Sadly, pre-android kiosks fall apart on almost all those counts.


The advent of the android tablet, has already caused disruptive changes in industries such as automotive information systems and TV’s and home entertainment devices. The Kiosk is poised to be one of Android’s most comprehensive victories. With improvements that are capable of delivering a multi-generation leap in technology and ease of use, and at a fraction of the cost, the age of the Smart Kiosk has begun.