10 Glorious Years

10 Glorious Years of Inching Forward

Today, ProMobi celebrates its 10th anniversary. For a company that is built by the labor of love and on the pillars of passion and determination, this is more than a milestone, it’s a win.

Amidst the highs and lows of the past decade, our unwavering values remain constant. They are the foundation of our products and the essence of our teamwork. As we reflect on our journey, we acknowledge the lessons learned, the victories, and the setbacks.

10 Glorious Years

Where it all began

The journey of ProMobi began in early 2014. The idea of the company (and the product) had been brewing for quite sometime before that. The co-founders Harishanker and Arnab both had dabbled in the startup space, and they started ProMobi with a vision to build a sustainable B2B technology product proudly made in India.

The kiosk technology and the self-service, interactive kiosk were dominating the global market. We first ventured into managing Android kiosks, and we realized that the mobile device management market was huge. While there were big players offering MDM solutions, there was a gap - most of the solutions in the market were complex and costly. There was no solution that served the SMBs or organizations with low-to-no IT expertise. The challenge to create a product that catered to the needs of these companies was the ‘aha’ moment for us, and that is how Scalefusion (formerly known as MobiLock) was born.

The product went through several iterations and redesigns because we knew exactly what we wanted to build- a world-class product that people keep coming back to, not just for the features but also for the user experience. From launching our first free app to the beta version of our paid app, our team quickly grew, our solutions started widening, and there’s been no looking back ever since.

The birth of Scalefusion

In late 2018, we realized that our expanded solution set needed a new identity. We were doing much more than just helping manage mobile devices and had Windows and iOS device management as a part of our core offering. To aptly describe what we were offering and the possibilities of scaling our solution set in the future, we rebranded to Scalefusion in early 2019.

The rebranding also meant going through the tough terrain of marketing and building brand identity from scratch, and while bumpy, the ride was worth it.

Expanding our product portfolio

In 2019, we expanded our product suite with NuovoPay and NuovoTeam. NuovoPay introduced a novel category as a device financing risk management platform, aiding mobile financing companies, telcos, and network service providers in risk mitigation and profit maximization, contributing to bridging the digital divide.

NuovoTeam emerged from our observations with Scalefusion, addressing the significant gap in products tailored for the frontline workforce, a demographic exceeding 2 billion people across diverse industries and geographies. NuovoTeam facilitates the connection of frontline workers, integrating them into the digital transformation process for organizations.

Key achievements

  • Becoming an Android Enterprise Gold Partner

  • Building a global presence across 120+ countries with more than 8000 organizations trusting our products and solutions

  • Launching Infinity Partner Program to drive global presence via strategic partnerships with MSPs and resellers

  • Consistently named in G2’s MDM Grid Report

  • Recognized as one of the best IT management software products by G2 in 2022

  • Named in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for mid-market Context

  • Named the best MDM software of 2020 by Digital.com

  • Ranked 13th in G2.com's 2019 Best Software Companies in India

  • Moving across five office spaces and finally finding home at our first-ever owned office space in 2023

Inching forward: An epilogue from the CEO

Time flies when you’re having fun, and it feels true as we celebrate 10 years of ProMobi.

And looking back, there’s not a single thing I would change.

Undoubtedly, our journey has been exhilarating filled with various challenges and successes. Fortunately, the setbacks we encountered were not fatal. Whether attributed to careful planning, divine blessings, or sheer luck, we not only survived but thrived.

One of our major wins has been an amazing core team who share the dream and the vision and have been with us since the beginning. The trust and the willingness to go THAT extra mile every time with consistency, patience, and persistence have made the company what it is. An equally wonderful extended team that we are today continues to contribute to the success of the organization.

From a couple of near (startup) death calls, our team has been able to stand, fight, and win with grit and determination. The success of ProMobi is, hence, the success of our entire team!

As we march into the next decade of ProMobi, we pat our backs on the achievements, drink up a bit (or a lot), let our hair down and party hard, savor the moment, and then we get back to doing what we do best- living the dream! Our dreams keep getting bigger and better, and we inch forward to the next 10 years, keeping in mind every inch of effort, dedication and progress because every inch counts.

Swapnil Shete

Swapnil Shete Associate Vice President (AVP) - Marketing